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  • Designed Exclusively for PC Gaming, Dual Experience in One: The AX200-PC Keyboard and Mouse Adpteris tailor-made for PC gaming enthusiasts. This converter transforms keyboard and mouse inputs into controller signals, allowing you to enjoy the precision of keyboard and mouse gaming while benefiting from the aiming assistance of controller gaming, creating a seamless dual gaming experience.
  • High Performance with APP Customization: With the [Geekvice app], you can browse tons of pre-made configurations for different games and adjust parameters like sensitivity and bindings. Plus, built-in features like 1000Hz polling rate, jitter aiming, recoil control macros, aim assist give you an edge in various gaming scenarios.Personalize them easily from your smartphone without having to go out of the game and without loading times.
  • Plug and Play, Seamless Connectivity: When used on a PC, the AX200 is recognized as an X360 device, requiring no complex setup. Just plug it in and launch your favorite X360-supported gaming platforms like STEAM and EA, and you're ready to dive into the game world. This hassle-free connectivity ensures a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Flex Mapping for Seamless Switching: This product features Flex Mapping, which allows you to seamlessly switch between controller mode and keyboard and mouse mode while gaming. Whether you need to quickly type a message or activate the mouse pointer, you can do it all without interrupting your gameplay. This seamless switching ensures a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • Ongoing Updates and Dedicated Support: To ensure the best gaming experience, we recommend keeping both the Geekvice App and the firmware updated to the latest versions. Additionally, we provide a compatibility list for keyboards and mice, making it easy for you to check if your peripherals are supported. We are committed to providing ongoing updates and dedicated support to enhance your gaming experience.